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Charges for Professional Health Education Journals

Welcome to the new HEDIR.  The HEDIR has had a long-standing tradition of using technology to advance the communication of health educators.  This new site will enhance that tradition.

The HEDIR is an email based format in which one can ask questions, seek help, solicit support, or challenge the profession on any health education related topic.  It is a professional listserv and members are expected to use their professionalism in their participation.  Not everything posted will be of value to everybody, but anytime you have 1,500 plus members, it is doubtful that such consensus is ever possible.

The HEDIR offers more than just the discussion;  it promotes jobs, textbooks, and is linked with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and CHES eligible webinars.

We have a strict advertising policy to prevent the HEDIR from becoming inundated with ads.  Please help us abide by these policies.

As we have tried to maintain in the past, advertising of products, jobs, etc. will continue to be carefully screened.  Thus, you can feel confident that this Discussion Group won’t be inundated with ads.

The HEDIR Blog is the latest adventure. By signing up on this HEDIR Registry page, you’ll automatically have the opportunity to comment on various blogs that are posted.  We expect professional responses for such comments and anything inappropriate will be removed (remember, your name will be posted with all comments).

Enjoy, there are many other initiatives the HEDIR is involved with also:  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as CHES eligible Webinars.  At any time, should you decide not to remain registered with the HEDIR Registry, you can request for your information to be removed.  The same goes with the HEDIR Discussion group.

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